One of my favorite aspects of designing is to discover how an idea can take shape and develop when you let the process guide you.  My latest product line is intended to be an extension of my "Drop Pendant 2".   As I set out to create this effect I discovered pretty quickly that if I didn't want to cast the form, there were going to be a LOT of solder joints.   Therefore I needed to figure out a way to make a majority of the form with 1 piece of metal. I started to approach the issue using paper and cutting slits and folding like you would for a pop-up/fold out book.  After much trial and error, I figured out a pattern that would yield the results I wanted.  Thus coming up with the "Unfolding Honeycomb" line.  This production line is only just beginning to unfold (heh heh) and I can't wait to play with it some more.  I have many other jewelry configurations and can even see it larger!  The real beauty of this design is that it appears to be very flat from one angle but then as you turn it you can really see the dimension.  More good things coming from the studio!!  Stay tuned:)