Stepping through the different grits of sandpaper is a tedious task.  In some scenarios it's avoidable, But in most cases the end result is always best when I really go from 220 grit to 320, to 400, and then 600 grit, THEN polish or steel wool for the matte finish.  While this is incredibly time consuming and FEELS like your not making any progress, somehow along the way you do progress from one grit to the other.  Understandably, I grow impatient sometimes and find I'm continuously reminding myself that every stroke of the sandpaper over the metal makes a difference.  Each tiny scratch or blemish that was in the metal before is slowly but surely going away.  Sometimes it feels like I'm not making any progress but then all of a sudden (BOOM!) I've finally made it through that grit of sandpaper and on to the next.   And of course as I'm sitting there telling myself that "if I don't do it 'right' NOW, when will I have time to fix it", I can't help but find all to many parallels between sanding and life goals, health, marathon training, relationships... the list could go on infinitely.  The fact is that those small steps we take to move forward might feel like we are going nowhere, but the fact is we are going somewhere slowly... and the best things happen along the way.  It takes mindfulness and awareness  to notice the details while keeping the 'big picture' in mind.  And now my procrastination session is over and it's time to get back to sanding so i can finish some work to make some money...  :) until next time!